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Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Tantric Sex Cult Therapy designed to heal you from ritual sex therapy.  

Tantric Sex Cult Therapy is designed to begin to heal you from therapists that have control of your relationships through ritual sex therapy.

Explore Tantric Sex Cult Therapy, a healing approach aimed at addressing the harmful effects of ritual sex therapy and manipulation by cults.

Discover the dangers of spiritual pornography and the exploitation of vulnerable individuals through genital massage marketed as a form of healing.

Tantric Sex Cult Therapy unveils the truth behind deceptive gurus and cult practices, emphasizing the importance of inner intelligence and critical thinking.

Learn to differentiate true tantra from misleading teachings and avoid falling into the trap of compliance and manipulation.

Dive into the essence of love and its role in overcoming sexual issues, recognizing the distinction between genuine connection and societal conditioning.

Find empowerment through accessing your body's innate wisdom and making conscious decisions about your well-being. Say no to cult-like therapies and reclaim control over your sexuality and life.

These cults are designed to destroy us from inside our family and our intimate relationships. It is spiritual pornography.

The moment someone is advertising genital massage as a way to heal your sexual issues we must begin to question their intention. They are appealing to our intellectual side not the inner intelligence we have all been given.Tantric Sex Cult Therapy

If you think that tantra is based in some ritualistic sex  you have done super inferior research of tantalising tantra sex websites and listened to too many tantric sex teachers television and video interviews. These gurus and tantric sex gods are recruiting vulnerable deeply damaged people as their promoters. They have a lotus on their website and have set up a trust to care for the emotionally damaged public.

Let's take a good look at what really happens.

By now you have been brain washed and do not want to believe that someone who touched you so intimately and listened to you sobbing about the sexual abuse you experienced while the teacher of healer is themselves helping themselves to you privates. This time with your full consent. After all they promised that this is for your own healing good. What they promote 'Promise I am a Tantric god, I do meditation, teach yoga and am free with my body'. Here's a link to one of the reports of inappropriate behavior in Huffington Post. We are in such denial due to the trauma's we've all experienced in all our lifetimes where authority gets what it demands. Authority demands full compliance and you provide it with your devotional consent.

Our inner intelligence has been buried not reprogrammed.

My client results videos are a testament to that our inner intelligence is inside us.

We do not need a guru to teach us to have sex by exploiting you for his or her own pleasures. We need to uncover the guru within us. Don't let anyone in a position of power to have sexual contact with your most powerful center they wish to manipulate. Mind control is foundation of popular tantric sex cult therapy throughout the world. Cults are designed to destroy your critical thinking. They make you compliant and submissive. True thoughts and feelings are reprogrammed by popular tantric sex cult therapy. They use mind control techniques that make you question your own sanity about participating in such bizarre behaviour.

Tantric sex cults have you have sex in front of them and often within a group environment. Here is truth about one of the origins of tantric sex cult therapy.

Danger is that we try to eliminate the symptoms without considering the causes. WherTantric Sex Cult Therapye for example a tree that needs attention; we instead of addressing the root we merely trim the branches because it is so much easier. The root needs nourishment and probably some top soil to maintain moisture that nourishes the tree and the branches. The root may need more space from other trees that are preventing it from flourishing; the same old problem continues.

Tantric Sex Cult Therapy is designed to heal your connection to your intelligence that is master creative center.

Similarly, why has sex become a problem? To understand sexuality sex cults have sprung up to supposedly help us lose our inhibitions. Sex techniques have been created. Rituals of honouring sexual organs have been created show a respectable front outside. By using sexual gratification you can be converted into a tantric sex provider. Everyone is converted a sacred sex provider, and is now perfectly respectable. Under the guise of sacred initiations, you can be worse than an animal; without restraint, you know no bounds. So now tantric sex has become an ethical and accepted career choice. Now become sanctioned with no boundaries or ethics. You can be as ugly as you like; and that orgasmic indulgence. Tantra sex has established that sexual indulgence alone is your savoir and is considered perfectly normal, healthy.

Let go of dreaming and to begin actually creating life you deserve. The reality of he world is the dream created by authority that controls every aspect of you..

The world is all a dream, an illusion created by authority to control you.

Now the authority has made it's way into our bedrooms and our sexual organs.

You are even required to go to sex guru or sex goddess to fix you sex life.

For this reason Tantric Sex Cult Therapy is essential to heal this exploitation of vulnerable people who have gotten caught up in this cult.

Yes it is a requirement, because you are considered to be too backward to know how to make love. So someone else who took a 1 week course will show you how according to that tantric school's text book. This is how disconnected we have become. We even believe that. You cannot turn danger into beauty by just thinking differently about it. First you need to get yourself out of the way of immediate danger. The goodness is the right action even in times of danger. Remember there is always good and the people who will take advantage of you. We need to be empowered to see the difference.

When we have a source of constant pleasure we become dull, moody, empty, used up.

Why has sex become a problem?

Why has this problem become a billion dollar industry created by sex addicts for their never ending supply of vulnerable people.

"The following is an extract from J Krishnamurti lecture on Sexuality and Human problems."

Obviously, the more intellectual you are, the more sexual you are.

Have you not noticed that? And the more there is of emotion, of kindliness, of affection, the less there is of sex. Because our whole social, moral, and educational culture is based on the cultivation of the intellect, sex has become a problem full of confusion and conflict.

J Krishnamurti

So, the solution of the problem of sex lies in understanding the cultivation of the intellect. The intellect is not the means of creation, and creation does not take place through the functioning of the intellect. On the contrary, there is creation when the intellect is silent. Only when there is creation does the functioning of intellect have a meaning. But without creation, without that creative affection, the mere functioning of the intellect obviously creates the problem of sex. 

As most of us live in the brain, as most of us live on words, and words are of the mind, most of us are not creative. We are caught in words, in spinning new words and rearranging old ones. Surely, that is not creation.

Since we are not creative, the only expression of creativeness left to us is sex.

In the sexual act there is forgetfulness, and in forgetfulness alone there is creation. The sexual act for a split second gives you freedom from that self which is of the mind, and therefore it has become a problem. Surely, creativeness comes into being only when there is absence of thought which is of the 'me', of the 'mine'. I do not know if you have noticed that in moments of great crisis, in moments of great joy, the consciousness of 'me' and 'mine' which is the product of the mind, disappears. In that moment of expansive appreciation of life, of intense joy, there is creativeness. To put it simply, when self is absent there is creation; and since all of us are caught in the and intellect, naturally there is no absence of self. On the contrary, in that field, in that striving to be, there is an exaggerated expansion of the self and therefore no creativeness. Therefore, sex is the only means of being creative, of experiencing the absence of the self - and since the mere sexual act becomes habitual, that too is wearisome and gives strength to the continuity of the self, so sex becomes a problem.


In order to solve the problem of sex, we will have to approach it, not on any one level of thought, but from every direction, from every side - the educational, religious, and moral.

When we are young, we have a strong feeling of sex attraction, and we marry - or are married off by our parents, as happens here in the East. Parents are often concerned only with getting rid of their boys and girls, and the pair, the boy and the girl, have no knowledge of sexual matters.

Within the sacred law of society, the man can suppress his wife, destroy her, give her children year after year - and it is perfectly all right.

Under the guise of respectability, he can become a completely immoral person.

One has to understand and educate the boy and the girl - and that requires extraordinary intelligence on the part of the educator. Unfortunately, our fathers, mothers, and teachers all need this same education; they are as dull as dishwater, they only know the do's, don'ts, and taboos, they have no intelligence for this problem. To help the boy and girl we will have to have a new teacher who is really educated.

But through the cinema and the advertisements with their half-naked girls, their luscious women, and lavish houses, and through various other means, society is giving stimulation to sensate values, and what do you expect? If he is married, the man takes it out on his wife; if he is not married, he goes to someone under cover.

It is a difficult problem to bring intelligence to the boy and the girl.

On every side human beings are exploiting each other through sex, through property, through relationship; and religiously, there is no creativeness at all.

On the contrary, the constant meditation, the rituals or pujas, the repetition of words are all merely mechanical acts with certain responses.

That is not creative thinking, creative living.

Religiously, you are merely traditional therefore, there is no creative inquiry into the discovery of reality. Religiously, you are regimented, and where there is regimentation, whether it is in the military or the religious sense, obviously there cannot be creativeness; therefore.

You seek creativeness through sex.

Free the mind from orthodoxy, from ritual, from regimentation and dogmatism so that it can be creative, and then the problem of sex will not be so great or so dominant.

Love is not the product of the mind; love is not the result of thought; love is not the outcome of a contract.

Here in this country the boy and the girl hardly know each other, yet they are married and have sexual relations. The boy and girl accept each other and say, ''You give me this, and I give you that,'' or ''You give me your body, and I give you security, I give you my calculated affection.'' When the husband says, ''I love you,'' it is merely a response of the mind; because he gives his wife a certain protection, he expects of her and she gives him her favor. This relationship of calculation is called love. It is an obvious fact - you may not like me to put it so brutally, but it is the actual fact. Such marriage is said to be for love, but it is a mere matter of exchange; it is a bania marriage, it reveals the mentality of the market place. Surely, in such marriage there cannot be love, can there? Love is not of the mind, but since we have cultivated the mind, we use that word love to cover the field of the mind. Surely, love has nothing to do with the mind, it is not the product of the mind; love is entirely independent of calculation, of thought. When there is no love, then the framework of marriage as an institution becomes a necessity.

When there is love, then sex is not a problem - it is the lack of love that creates sexual difficulties. 

Don't you know? When you love somebody really deeply - not with the love of the mind, but really from the heart - you share with him or her everything that you have, not your body only, but everything. In your trouble, you ask her help and she helps you. There is no division between man and woman when you love somebody, but there is a sexual problem when you do not know that love. We know only the love of the brain; thought has produced it, and a product of thought is still thought, it is not love.

So, this problem of sex is not simple and it cannot be solved on its own level. 

To try to solve it purely biologically is absurd; and to approach it through religion or to try to solve it as though it were a mere matter of physical adjustment, of glandular action, or to hedge it in with taboos and condemnations is all too immature, childish, and stupid.

It requires intelligence of the highest order. To understand ourselves in our relationship with another requires intelligence far more swift and subtle than to understand nature. 

But we seek to understand without intelligence; we want immediate action, an immediate solution, and the problem becomes more and more important. Have you noticed a man whose heart is empty, how his face becomes ugly and how the children he produces are ugly and immature? And because they have had no affection, they remain immature for the rest of their lives. Look at your faces sometime in the mirror - how unformed, how undefined they are! You have brains to find out, and you are caught in the brain. Love is not mere thought; thoughts are only the external action of the brain. Love is much deeper, much more profound, and the profundity of life can be discovered only in love. Without love, life has no meaning - and that is the sad part of our existence. We grow old while still immature; our bodies become old, fat, and ugly, and we remain thoughtless. Though we read and talk about it, we have never known the perfume of life. Mere reading and verbalizing indicates an utter lack of the warmth of heart that enriches life; and without that quality of love, do what you will, join any society, bring about any law, you will not solve this problem. To love is to be chaste. Mere intellect is not chastity. The man who tries to be chaste in thought is unchaste because he has no love. Only the man who loves is chaste, pure, incorruptible.

Questioner: Why is woman prone to permit herself to be dominated by man? Why do communities and nations permit themselves to be bossed by a leader or a Fuehrer?

Krishnamurti: Now, sir, why do you ask this question? Why don't you look into your own mind to find out why you want to be dominated, why you dominate, and why you seek a leader? 

Why do you dominate the woman or the man? And this domination is also called love, is it not? When the man dominates, the woman likes it and considers it as affection, and when a woman bosses the man, he also likes it. Why? It is an indication that the domination gives you a certain sense of closeness of relationship.

New Connections through tantric sex cult therapy awareness. Understanding the way we have been conditioned to accept authority.

Our Tantric sex cult therapy removes the dogma so your mind can be creative about options in your life. We heal the mind control tantric sex cult therapy that has been conditioned and manipulated into accepting rituals as normal way of healing relationships.


Tantric Sex Cult Therapy here gives you direct access to your inner intelligence.

Our tantric sex cult therapy is designed to heal the sexual abuse you have been exposed to by experts in Tantric Sex Therapy.

Your minds have been programmed to believe that our inner intelligence needs reprogramming. Nothing can be further from the truth. All this marketing of genital massage as accepted sex therapy. You do not even realise you are being manipulated and sexually abused. We aim to heal that mindset. Give you clarity and ability to make healthy decisions based on new possibilities.

Within this video a man shares his healing from tantric sex cult therapy. This took just two hours. This was by accessing his inner intelligence.

The word tantra is now used in very haphazard context. Courses by the hundreds offer to set you up as tantric teacher or expert in just a few days.

Many claim to teach tantra. Most training's are marketed as sacred sexuality. This easily targets adult workers who would otherwise struggle in competing for clients. They openly say they were in sensual arts, or erotic service. Some natural therapists who struggle to get clients, in order to survive have taken up tantric sex studies. Don't be fooled by accreditation. But in your search for relief from pain and suffering, you have a tendency to overlook that. The accreditation makes is socially acceptable. You give them redemption because you feel everything should be hugs and kisses. It is important to know what is tantra and the essence of true tantra.

Avoid the ignorant who themselves are acting out their sexual frustrations on their clients.

When you are seeking sexual healing; you need energies that are not in the least related to sexual energies. When the actual healing occurs, the sexual energies will be received graciously by your body consciousness. Otherwise you run the risk of desensitizing yourself while believing you are healed. Simply because you no longer feel the old feeling.

Most Tantra comes from cults. If you participate in cult like therapies you run the risk of making the same mistakes the cult followers did.

And it's not pretty. It is important the you read this article neotantra vs tantra to get to the truth. And to ensure you do not end up in the hands of sacred sex worker. That way you will know that what offered in tantric  is not tantra at all You will understand the temple carvings and much more. I want you empowered.


We begin by accessing love within every cell in our body.

Where there is love - sex cannot be a problem.

If you have sexual issues it's because you have deep mental and emotional attachment. That is not love. But society has been conditioned over thousands of years to accept that as love. This was designed to control the population and to keep people separate from one another. When you feel separate you are easily exploited. You do not need a guru in white or orange robes to tell you  what to do with your own body. Where there is love you have access to every aspect of wisdom within your own cells.

We access body intelligence that has immediate solutions.

Without inner intelligence you get caught up in Tantric sex cult therapy that turns you into compliant robot mechanically following instructions.