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Premature Ejaculation. Premature Ejaculation is a fear many men face.   

Premature Ejaculation is a fear many men are faced with.

For this very reason they oPremature Ejaculation or going too long can be devastating, this can be a very lonely feeling despite many who admire you. Here we have a range of solutions that are fun.ften stay away, travel, immerse themselves in their careers, sports, or avoid relationships altogether.

Most humans are very inventive. Sadly constantly engaging in avoidance tactics.

Many therapies focus on techniques that direct energies. When you are directing energies, you are connecting to directing energies not your connection to your partner. This creates division and disassociation. The main problem of premature ejaculation is division and disassociation. We focus on connecting your with your soul. When you are in a relationship with your partner and your family as your soul body and spirit combined; you become the best companion. When you are deeply connected to you; you are deeply connected to your partner. This melts barriers. When barriers melt, energy flows freely through your body. Premature ejaculation cannot be an issue. You make love with every cell of your body. Every cell of your body connects to people who matter. They feel that. This makes them feel safe. All anyone wants to feel is a place of belonging. I'm dedicated to having you totally enjoy the rest of your life on earth, not just manage through it.

In this video a man talks about his awareness of his soul.


The Pain of Premature Ejaculation often results in emotional disconnect.     

This can be a very lonely feeling despite adoration of many who admire you. Yet the deep secret continues to seek a solution. This service is absolutely discreet, under no circumstances shall you information be shared unless you chose to talk about it yourself. Or you chose to provide us with your testimonials. Often men resort to viagra, nasal sprays and even injections to deal with the problem leaving them no better off. Any medical intervention is simply only the mechanics. Medication forces reaction yet the feelings deep inside are neglected. Mechanics do not make a man a better lover nor does mechanics offer fulfillment and satisfaction.

Life as a human being or every one of us, is the ability to love without compromise.

Reality is; you are seeking deeper connection and nurturing. As a man you really want to have your woman feel completely free to be herself. The only way you can feel closer to your partner is to deal with what is causing your problem. Your issue has nothing to do with her. Here we shall access you capacity to feel complete. When your body flows so does love. When love flows - lovemaking is as automatic as eating and breathing.

The body singing with pleasure.  

Serious issues.

As you read these pages you realise this is not just another friendly Tantra Goddess Service who are trained to provide adult services only. These issues are serious, they break up relationships followed by splitting of assets and juggling visiting rights with children all due to misunderstandings or our sexual energy, which is life force energy.

When man struggle with premature ejaculation sexual difficulties, sex problems and erectile issues, so does his partner. Know that you are both involved because lovemaking is between two people. Knowing your body relieves family stress, business stress, relationship stress, financial stress.

Case Study 1.

This is the text Case Study 1 text received.

He writes “I just wanted to share with you one nagging feeling that threatens to undermine the whole experience: a feeling of shame and inadequacy at not being able to control myself. I know that is a purely judgmental voice from old conditioning, about it is hard to shake off “inappropriate behaviour” says the voice “weak” etc.

Misconceptions & confusion about Orgasm Premature Ejaculation.

Often due to misconceptions of what orgasm really is, and the feeling of sustained. Orgasmic resonance takes you beyond your genitals. Your soul when is connected to you, your entire body is immersed in your soul. Can you imagine making love as spirit body and soul combined. The liberation. This takes you out of your head. Many men feel a deep sense of shame see above paragraph. Relationships thrive on healthy intimacy. There is pleasure beyond your wildest dreams, way beyond just lasting longer before ejaculation. Sensuality is a gift of free living, enjoying the pleasure of each step, stretching it out over time, not giving in to the temptations of resistance. Resistance takes you away from pleasure. The moment you resist is when the man loses your erection and often ejaculate prematurely.

Identify Short Circuits to Pleasure.

There are many ways that you habitually short circuit your pleasures. These short circuits contribute to Premature ejaculation & erectile issues. During Tantric Living Pulse Kundalini Tantra Massage you'll discover precisely how you are creating this over and over again. Discover connection that lies beyond resistance and control. Practice; receiving - slowly, gently, softly. Identify with new connections. These connections create new expressions of your pleasure in a deep and genuine way. Only then, when everything else has been done, finally exploring living in the present completely, enjoying yourself thoroughly till you recognise what the feeling of orgasmic living..

Stresses imbedded within our bodies block connection to pleasures of touch.

Receiving touch. Humans have not had the opportunity to fully explore this feeling. Premature ejaculation is experienced  primarily due to the stresses imbedded in our bodies. Unique life-style changes also release every blockage that stands in the way of you being able to remain in pleasure longer. In the meantime as you continue to read this site, you'll begin to regain a sense of connection to the possibilities that most services are just too limited in their life experiences therefore limiting their ability to consider greater possibilities. We are only as good as the company we keep.

Many are very curious about Tantra and how Tantra living can enhance our lives. We have many clients delighted to share their unique experiences.

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