Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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What is Tantra Really. Tantra is Life uniting material with spiritual.

What is Tantra Really. Tantra is the merging of physical with the spiritual. It is union of spirit/soul and body Tantra is about impeccable health of emotions, mind and body. Tantra is a system of uniting material life with spiritual life.

“Man is certainly stark mad; he cannot make a worm,

and yet he will be making gods by dozens.”

-- -- Michel de Montaigne,
The Complete Essays

It's awareness and exploration of a life that works. It's about your relationship to every aspect of your life.

Tantra is primarily about building relationships with what is different.

It's about lining to the unknown. When people ask me "what is Tantra?" My immediate answer would preferably be, "it's about brining Spirit energy from universal consciousness to the earth plane and merging with it". Because it's difficult concept to grasp at first we begin by understanding basic relatioship principals here on earth.

In this video I explain how best and most successful relationships work.

In the video below is an example of sexual healing on all levels for a woman who sought help for her intimacy issues.

In Truth, her problem was the disconnect from her Soul and Spirit. The weaving that links Body, Soul and Spirit is the answer to all issues that may be in your life.

What Tantric Living Pulse therapy is Designed to for YOU.

Here you are guided to developing dignity, clarity and What is Tantraunderstanding your challenges. Tantric teachers were wisdom teachers of strengths and tenderness. You will learn how to captivate people through your genuine openness to truth. Ability to feel truth no matter how beautiful or how evil the world is.

Receive direct transmission of energy.

You will not be swayed by people who claim that there is only the good despite world events. You will go beyond the delusion of such division. Power of discernment is the highest level of awareness. Knowing who to trust and who can bring damage to your life. This is wisdom.

Remove conflict and division.

When we sincerely search for meaning of what is tantra - most prominent yet most difficult answer to find is the tantra that is a path to letting go of all dilutions, separations and con flick. It's primary purpose is to reveal the illusions of the world so you can be free to see things exactly as they are. This is when we truly live.

Tantra is a Living Breathing Meditation in all Actions that Works Instantly.

What You Will Learn in Our Tantric Living Pulse Website is- That We Embody Tantra Living Completely into Every Aspect of Our Life.

Crisis Management

what is Tantra Crisis management

In crisis such as emotional let downs, relationship breakdowns, physical abuse, an accident or surgery; our body shuts down - entering into self defence mode and self protection.

When this happens we need to be very mindful of therapies that offer chakra openings and Kundalini awakening. Our body needs to be calmed and fractured parts brought together before we mess with anything sacred that your spirit is protecting. more...

 Relationship Issues

What is Tantra Relationships

Throat Chakra is foundation of all communication. This is your Vishuddhi Chakra. Preparation of connecting to throat chakra is most critical aspect. If we just open it up, the fractured self will begin to express itself.

This leads to delusion and grandiose thoughts of having made it. When the body is prepared and the fractured parts come together; then your Vishuddhi Chakra aligns itself with the honesty of the entire body systems. It is part of a supportive and powerful team that has its back. more...

 Depression & Anxiety.

What is Tantra Depression and Anxiety

In state of Depression we have a tendency to fold into ourselves to create a safe place for the spirit to be at peace.

Unfortunately all this does is shut us off from all solutions. Here we address your relationship with the world and bring about solutions based on your internal wisdom that the world systems have shut down. This connection has been severed and needs to have the gap healed. Your cells are direct receivers of universal wisdom. Let's make this happen. more...


Spirituality in Tantra is Merging of Body with Spirit and Soul

Spirituality is restorative and completely embracing. When the ego lets go, fear of self disappears. Your cells reveal themselves with every breath and heartbeat. Depths of Restorative Tantra are behind every thought. It's in everything your touch. All life is bridge between physical world and our spirit self. Our soul our body. What is tantra is the link between our Soul and Earth Soul. more...

  Restorative TantraBringing trust to reaity Explored

 You can also Join our team

Connecting to New Feelings

Connecting to new feelings

Working with disconnect is our priority. When healing occurs - often client relies upon a professional to tell them - and for test to tell them. What we do here is connect you to the change and to guide you to discover these new feelings that come with the change. more ...

Become Master Not Spectator Feel Every Cell Pulsating

What is Tantra Become master not Spectator

Stepping out of pursuits of the outer world and step into your inner world of consciousness that is always ready to open itself. Inner world has been submerged beneath the outer frantic demands. Beneath the conditioning is freedom of connection to every cell in your life in this lifetime. Simply easily. more...

 Women's Restoration.

Woman's Restoration

Awaken the spiritual master within you. Transforming the soul - realising of an of ego-consciousness. Be free from all restraints. No more mundane limitations. Connecting with your living links is the most intimate link you can ever make. Connect to your timeless treasures. Feel yourself connected to your entire being. When you feel this wholeness, you can bring another into your world. more...

Training to Enhance your Wellbeing in every aspect of life.

Transition Progress is Best With a Team

What is Tantra Team Transition

Create a new life with new friends who bring creation into reality. To have a great life we need allies who are of the same mindset as us. People who want to clear the debris out of their life.

Give More - Become More - Receive More - Explore More.

No one can make sustainable progress alone.  In our private lives there is more mess than in the life around us. We bring our team spirit to participate in actually doing things together. Together you can clear a room in one or two days. Alone you have to do other things that distract you. Alone we get off track because progress is too slow. more...

Allegiant Group Work & Relationship Ethics TrainingWhat is Tantra Allegiant Group

Explore - Experience & Share Breakthroughs Together.

Why Allegiant Group Training? Humans have been conditioned to compete.  Competition creates separation - perpetuating stress and terror. Terror that you've been conditioned to suppress. Progress is made whence work together. Here we put our words and plans into immediate action. Not talk about it for ever then try do to do it on your own. We bring all of our talents together. Why things done get taken all the way is because one person cannot possess all the skills to complete the project. more...

 Social Media & Marketing Team Training to Take Our Message to the World.

What is Tantra we need order

We need you right now.

Training begins immediately. to take our message to the world, we need talented people. To make us more visible, we need a new website to better user experience this means people with experience in structure. We have amazing body of work going back 30 years that the world needs to know about and  products our client want. Also people with experience in power-point etc that we can use for upcoming webinars to help bring the truth to the world. Our incredible body of work is compromised we need your skills to be trained to listen and deliver differently. For Team Training enter here.

It is in the unknown that you moves you from you daily conscious self sabotaging behavior to the intelligence of your body/mind. These are accessed beneath the conscious sphere of the conditioned mind.

  • When you behave consciously; you are coming out of your head space. 
  • That is the conditioned mind.

  • J Krishnamurti teachings quote; "The uniqueness of man does not lie in the superficial but in complete freedom from the content of his consciousness."


  • Here we bypass the head space to access true freedom of thought. 

To help you understand what is tantra; we present actual client experiences. This is not a sex game. We want to ensure we do not degrade truth.

Restore our deep inner connection with the natural organic world within you.

You will know what is Tantra as you awaken out to your true purpose of life. Purpose gives you power to expand into all of you. You will be guided through your journey much like you would during Ayahuasca ceremony by a Shaman by using power of your cells. Here we do not need outside influences. You will wish to enhance your awareness to feeing life and universal energies. Explore mysteries of life as you question consciousness of your current reality through the power of awakened mind. Awaken to deepest part of your being.

In every crisis most people become overwhelmed with Anxiety.

Everything on earth has a soul and spirit that is part of us. Ancients believed in spirit of the mountain. Spirit of plants and rivers. 

In search for what is Tantra it's vital that we remember the deeper essences that humans have been separated from. 

Take the journey of the rhythm of life as I describe the inner resonance of the earth. Your body is ecological system just like the earth is. You too have these resonances. When you connect your soul and spirit you link to earth rhythm.

This video shares an extreme level of anxiety - while this does not apply to everyone, it's good to have an insight of the depth of despair you or your friends or loved one's maybe experiencing.