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What is Tantra Really. 

What is Tantra Really. Tantra is the merging of physical with the spiritual. It is union of spirit/soul and body Tantra is about impeccable health of emotions, mind and body. Tantra is a system of uniting material life with spiritual life.

To help you understand what is tantra; we present actual client experiences.

Everything on earth has a soul and spirit that is part of us. Ancients believed in spirit of the mountain. Spirit of plants and rivers. In search for what is Tantra it's vital that we remember the deeper essences that humans have been separated from. 

Take the journey of the rhythm of life as I describe the inner resonance of the earth. Your body is ecological system just like the earth is. You too have these resonances. When you connect your soul and spirit you link to earth rhythm.


Do you feel as if you are just hovering and have not landed into your life?

Tantra is a life of ultimate intelligence. Supreme intelligence is living without illusions.

This video clearly shares with you the depths of realisation you can reach. It is the capacity of realising the levels of awareness you actually have inside of you.

In your session we begin to heal your boundaries. Boundaries need to be strengthened and respected in order for you to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Higher consciousness is developing awareness in creating your own gods instead of following the God other human beings have created.

In this video in this page on sexual abuse; we remove the unnecessary programs that have been corrupted and downloaded by the people who have interfered with her life. The family like many was dysfunctional. This made her a vulnerable target. Whether you were sexually abused or just going along with the status quo, you are not living a full human and this is why you seeking tantra therapies.  In your  session we begin to heal your boundaries. Boundaries need to be strengthened and respected in order for you to allow yourself to be vulnerable.

To begin to help you understand what is Tantra for you I have a number of videos that will take you through real-life experiences.

These are normal ordinary people just like you who took the chance to feel more of themselves. They were guided to recognise the guru within them to become their own student and master. That became their own leader rather than a follower. You can only follow instructions that were handed down to you from some authority outside of you. That is the antithesis of what is tantra. Listen to these people in the videos above.

They describe what it takes to move beyond the known.