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What is Tantra Really.

What is Tantra Really. Tantra is the merging of physical with the spiritual. It is union of spirit/soul and body Tantra is about impeccable health of emotions, mind and body. Tantra is a system of uniting material life with spiritual life.

When people know where they fit in this world; they happily participate in that aspect of life as a complete enlightened human. When a person knows their total awakened being; their body mind spirit and soul. Then everything works in unison.

For Truth about Tantra that no one tells you is in this video. It's about your personal code to the connection of the universal pulse. That pulse will not reveal itself unless you prepare to receive it.

I'll  be there for you when you don't know how to allow yourDeeeper explanation of experiences vibrational pulse that is as personal as your DNA. Your DNA function is likely to adjust itself. Your DNA is the computer chip in your boy that has been programmed to comply to a system. You have been taught you are nothing and everyone else has authority over you. For deeper explanation of what you can experience it's vital you watch this video enter here.

Stress and depression cannot reside in presence of wisdom. Genuine Tantra opens you to river of knowledge personal for you. Human story of Tantra is path to ending of suffering.

Genuine tantra only works when earth frequencies are pulsating through you. It's all about connection to your personal rhythm that resonates with a particular frequency of the earth pulse.

The temple carvings were like recruitment stations

These temples are advertising what people do. For example is a person had absolutely not skills; they would be trained in providing sensual pleasures to the hierarchy. Usually taught to dance and sing and perform general tasks around and within the temple. Anyone can do that if trained from an early age. Naturally, the priests needed people with different skills to maintain their temples; they would recruits a person for that position.

Due to the secrecy (and illiteracy of the people and their narrow vision of the time)  many participants had no idea of the depth of activities.What is Tantra

Much like advertising these days; most people have no idea of ingredients or the conditions of the product or service. Majority of humans just accept what minority dictate.

However for the priests activities to survive they use the universal law. This states you must give them free choice. So the temple was built. Anyone can take their time to pay attention to all the carvings of the temple. Then they would go inside a part of the temple that is empty. There they would contemplate what they have learned about human behavior. From that place they would make decisions of being master of their life or remain a slave. 

An advanced human or a student of an advanced Tantric mystic would know by the encoded messages embedded into the carvings that this was their intent. It was also a way of controlling people. Tantrawas originally released as a way to inspire people to advancethe scope and range of personal consciousness in order to better understand what questions to ask.

When stress enters; life can become unbearable. Separation from family, divorce, injuries can leave you feel fractured. Moving house creates division between your soul and your body. Changing jobs and ups and downs of life can leave you feel alone and separate even when you are around right people. To help you understand what is tantra we present actual client experiences. Everything on earth has a soul and spirit that is part of us. Ancients believed in spirit of the mountain. Spirit of plants and rivers. In search for what is Tantra it's vital that we remember the deeper essences that humans have been separated from.

You have a soul and a spirit that people say leaves this body when you die. This means that we have a level of consciousness right here on earth that we are not even connecting to. It is part of our life that leaves the physical body when we die. We all just have a short time on earth in the scheme of things. Deep down in your subconscious your soul and spirit is the one that is asking you to explore what is tantra and the depths of it. When you leave your body you enter some kind of eternity. What if your life on earth is part of this eternity and your soul is your protection. What is tantra is a journey of bringing all your levels of energies that include your body, mind spirit and emotions. When you bring all these bodies together simultaneously only then do you feel complete enough to fully engage in healthy relationships.

In this video a woman shares how she could feel all the energies. These energies nourish your body and mind just like food water and air keep your body alive. Imagine having relationships on this level here on earth. Tantra is about unity of thought, body mind emotion spirit soul. When they come together on earth - you get to live an extraordinary life. Within this video a man talks about being aware of every aspect of his body. Normally his body just goes along with his brain without any real awareness. This is really inspirational.


Everything has a frequency - yet we forget to apply that to our consciousness. Here is a reminder within this video. Remember every thought word and action affects us and people around us.

We work together for you to live the life you dream of. Stress is code word for fear. Most people are fearful of new experiences. It is only new experiences that give you life. When you explore what is tantra you discover how to live without reaction. Beginning of exploring what is tantra you realise that you a life has been completely manipulated. Or putting up with situations that can be often unbearable, including your own thought patterns and your position in life. These videos are real life case studies. Raw and real. You will not hear this anywhere else. When you have had enough of living fragmented and in conflict and want to become whole and free. Then this level of Tantra is for you.

Tantra is a life of ultimate intelligence. Supreme intelligence is living without illusions.

This video clearly shares with you the depths of realisation you can reach.

It is a spiritual maturity that swiftly moves you beyond obstacles and into skilful means as you participate and insightful patience that moves you away from external dramas. You can no longer pretend as you begin to evolve. With the integration with the soul we generate enough energy to move beyond the challenges we face in living a generic life. Only integration can take you beyond stockings.

It is the capacity of realising the levels of awareness you actually have inside of you.

The unknown becomes the known. In these videos that talks with the clients are the essential elements of integration. In his talks in begin to recognise when she happened during the session so you can apply it to every aspect of your life. There was no way but through. It takes a very skilful tantrWhat is Tantra Reallyica to guide you through into never-ending expansion. As you discover the depths of what is tantra you recognise the journeys of your life are never ending with fulfilment at every step. You will never get bored or sidetracked because you know who you really are. It is far easier to live at higher conscious level that is at the lower conscious. The lower consciousness is life as a slave. The lower consciousness is you doing as you told. Lower consciousness you are putting up with things and living in your comfort zone of  sameness.

Higher consciousness is developing awareness in creating your own gods instead of following the God other human beings have created.

On this page is a recording of a client experience describing how he used to feel like a spectator in his life. Below are two very special videos one from a man once more on what you to really listen to them before we go any further. These videos represent the nature of my work at a higher consciousness. Even major comparison to the lower level of tantra where you that you told what to do scripted to be the same as everybody else. In these videos you hear me talking to my clients and helping them connect with their new levels of awareness rather than being told. In this video in this page on sexual abuse; we remove the unnecessary programs that have been corrupted and downloaded by the people who have interfered with her life. The family like many was dysfunctional that made her a vulnerable target. So whether you sexual abuse were just going along with the status quo, you are not living a full human and this is why you seeking tantra therapies.

Your boundaries need to be strengthened and respected in order for you to allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Because your boundaries have been violated you are in self defence and become easy pray for inappropriate services.

So far you have been taught to be the same as somebody else. That makes you a counterfeit human. A robot just following the programming. All you need to do is become aware of it. You had that as a child. No one stood over you and told you how to strengthen your neck. They didn't tell you how to move your arms and legs. They didn't show you how to lift your head will roll over. The next step of your evolution they didn't tell you how to get up on your arms and legs and how to strengthen them so you could actually support your head in your body. Then you made yourself get up to walk.

You fell. You cried. You got up again and again no matter how many times you fell and hurt yourself.

Sometimes the pain was so bad that any rational adult would have given up. But you are not rational. You are alive and want to live even more through your own experience. As a child you were you were born and with all your organs and all your senses within your body. Yes I know there are fewer unfortunate beings that didn't have that we know they were compromised and living with the compromise. They too have been able to go beyond their limitations. So when you were born or you organs with there. Your muscles you tendons your voice the hearing is aware. If you did not use it they would atrophy to therefore what we have is a spirit part of this there has never been activated. So the false gurus have been taking advantage of this. And in Tantra they took Advantage of your inability to know the difference.

To begin to help you understand what is Tantra for you I have a number of videos that will take you through real-life experiences.

These are normal ordinary people just like you who took the chance to feel more of themselves. They were guided to recognise the guru within them to become their own student and master. That became their own leader rather than a follower. You can only follow instructions that were handed down to you from some authority outside of you. That is the antithesis of what is tantra.

Listen to these people in the videos above. They describe what it takes to move beyond the known.