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What is Tantra Really.

What is Tantra

Until now while reading most tantric sites one begins to assume that these people have a monopoly on the truth. Here we challenge this 'limited representation' of Tantra Wisdom.

What is Tantra


What is Tantra Really. Tantra is the merging of physical with the spiritual. It is union of spirit/soul and body Tantra is about impeccable health of emotions, mind and body. Tantra is a system of uniting material life with spiritual life. To help you understand what is tantra we present actual client experiences. Everything on earth has a soul and spirit that is part of us. Ancients believed in spirit of the mountain. Spirit of plants and rivers. In search for what is Tantra it's vital that we remember the deeper essences that humans have been separated from. 

Take the journey of the rhythm of life as I describe the inner resonance of the earth. Your body is ecological system just like the earth is.

You too have these resonances. When you connect your soul and spirit you link to earth rhythm. Do you feel as if you are just hovering and have not landed. In these videos you begin to become aware that you need to land and be grounded in order to feel spirituality. Not to seek spiritual feelings outside of yourself. When you are aware of your totality life begins to make sense.


What is Tantra

Tantra is definitely Orgasmic. What most people do not know that life at the highest level of expression is orgasmic. It is not however a path of sexual needs trapped in limitations of lower level of expression.

 What is Tantra

To   begin to understand what is tantra; first we heal your foundation. Perineum health is of utmost importance .   To help you understand what is tantra and the importance of this level of healing. Perineum disconnect, tear or strain is common in men and women. These disconnects can be tears and blockages. Disassociation from perineum affect all communication systems in your body. To hear the woman describe her experience and how we work with that enter here for more.

Tantra is definitely Orgasmic. What most people do not know that life at the highest level of expression is orgasmic. There is a tendency to misunderstand the difference between living an orgasmic life and living a sexually oriented life. Orgasmic feelings are not at all sexual feelings. Sexual feelings are expressions of separation. This is when the focus is on sex this collects certain cells while dividing them from body soul spirit. Orgasmic fMeaning of Linga is Pillar of Light eelings are the merging of all your energies, souls and personal spirits. You are more than just your body.

To understand what is tantra we need to begin by healing separation of your physical and energy being. To do that we need to get you out of your head. In this video a woman shares how all thoughts just left her brain.

Here we merge original meaning of linga into your life.

Linga is actually your spirit and soul. Linga is also the inner reality. When we merge your inner reality with your soul that is your outer covering. Linga is you unmanifest; the creative force when merged with Yoni the Matter or earth. this gives mind solid reality. 

Wisdom of cells when allowed to speak and to share their innate knowledge; human does not require sex lessons any more than birds or bees do. We are being dummed down by marketing. Don't believe you are that stupid. Even a monkey in India brought a monkey back to life when it was electrocuted. Here is a You Tube link Monkey brings monkey back to life

If a monkey with no medical training, we humans can have magnificent sex if we connect to our own wisdom.

Here I honor your wisdom. Bring life back to your cells. What is tantra is a journey of bringing all your levels of energies that include your body, mind spirit and emotions. Unfortunately the current understanding of tantra is promoted as uninhibited sex. That makes it purely a sex service masquerading as spirituality. Tantra is about going beyond the physical and beyond the limitation of just sexual expression. Beyond the limitations and the compulsiveness of body and mind that keep you trapped in your limitations. It's about living and expressing life at your highest possible dimensions beginning immediately.

It is a misconception that fulfilling sexual needs is the tantric path. Regrettably for the uninformed; general public

What is Tantra

Why do you want to bullshit yourself about spirituality?"


What is Tantra

attracted to tantric path are often there for reasons resulting from misinformation. Sadghuru quotes in his website  " They go because they want a spiritual sanction for their sexuality. Why do you want to bullshit yourself about spirituality?" He continues; " sexual needs can be fulfilled by forming relationships for that purpose, either within or outside the fold. Using spiritual process to fulfill sexual compulsions is reprehensible and irresponsible. It can lead to various levels of loss.

At the responsible level in our search of what is tantra we discover the destructive path.

By participating in limitations of popularised spiritual sex; man sinks is life through indulgence of alcohol, irresponsible sexual expression including having sex with your student. That approach will take you down because you end up participating at the lower level of energy systems. Real Tantra is about building energies to highest dimensions. Expressing energies purely thorough sex becomes just an addiction. The highest path of walking the life of what is tantra is in participating in skill sharing. When we are part of a strong community unified and on purpose of living up to a common goal for the common good of all involved, that is the highest level of Tantra. This is living and participating rather just believing. When you believe, that belief needs to have substance or it remains trapped in the mind. Lets bring your belief to life to test the truth or the lie that keeps you stuck. For unity of all your cells Right hand tantra is the path to enlightenment, success and personal fulfillment.

That is the left hand tantra. A few perverted people grasped on a few processes reducing it all to sexual gratification at the very core of their message to the people.


What is Tantra

Reality is; every cell can experience orgasmic state of existence enveloping your entire body as my clients share throughout this site.

What is Tantra

People offering sex tantra associate that as the highest level of life experience. Definition of what is tantra by confining it to just sexual union is foolish and damaging to your spiritual progress. The reality is that every cell can experience orgasmic state of existence enveloping your entire body as my clients share throughout this site. People can only offer the highest knowledge they have. Those offering sex tantra are trapped in their level of limitations of life. This traps one in never-ending spiral in search of sexual fulfillment.

On that limiting journey your energy is lost in survival process by exaggerated build up of energy that demands release. This ends up deflating the soul purpose by separating body mind soul leaving the body trapped in it's aloneness. The very reason people seek Tantra is to feel unity. When approached from a purely sexual perspective the general uninformed so called gurus perpetuate soulular disassociation.

When you bring all these bodies together simultaneously only then do you feel complete enough to fully engage in healthy relationships. Within this video a man talks about being aware of every aspect of his body. Normally his body just goes along with his brain without any real awareness. This is really inspirational.


Everything has a frequency - yet we forget to apply that to our consciousness. Here is a reminder within this video. Remember every thought word and action affects us and people around us.

These videos are real life case studies. Raw and real. You will not hear this anywhere else. When you have had enough of living fragmented and in conflict and want to become whole and free. Then this level of Tantra is for you.

Tantra is a life of ultimate intelligence. Supreme intelligence is living without illusions.

This video clearly shares with you the depths of realisation you can reach.

It is the capacity of realising the levels of awareness you actually have inside of you.

Higher consciousness is developing awareness in creating your own gods instead of following the God other human beings have created.


What is Tantra

In your session we begin to heal your boundaries. They need to be strengthened and respected in order for you to allow yourself to be vulnerable.
What is Tantra

In this video in this page on sexual abuse; we remove the unnecessary programs that have been corrupted and downloaded by the people who have interfered with her life. The family like many was dysfunctional that made her a vulnerable target. So whether you sexual abuse were just going along with the status quo, you are not living a full human and this is why you seeking tantra therapies.   In your  session we begin to heal your boundaries. They need to be strengthened and respected in order for you to allow yourself to be vulnerable.

To begin to help you understand what is Tantra for you I have a number of videos that will take you through real-life experiences.

These are normal ordinary people just like you who took the chance to feel more of themselves. They were guided to recognise the guru within them to become their own student and master. That became their own leader rather than a follower. You can only follow instructions that were handed down to you from some authority outside of you. That is the antithesis of what is tantra. Listen to these people in the videos above. They describe what it takes to move beyond the known.