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What is Tantra Really. 

Tantra was originally released as a way to inspire people to arise to advance the scope and range of personal consciousness in order to better understand what questions to ask.

There is deeper and broader level of Tantra you have never heard of because lower consciousness cannot take you there. What you have not been taught is that - We all have High, Middle and Lower consciousness within us. The secret is in bringing them together to work as one is the key. To be on the same side. Kind of to watch each others back.

What is Tantra with a powerful destination

For thousands of years Tantra system was supposedly in India. If it did not work for people in India (the way the crooked gurus are promoting it for their sexual gratification) why would you want to bring that system in that format that over thousands of years failed in it's country of origin.

Do you really want to incorporate a part of a belief (that degrades women) that has failed in it's country of origin into your life? Why are you letting people sell you a promise that failed women in India?

There is something they are not telling you - because at their lower level of consciousness they do not know either. Many deeply damaged women have gone to India to heal sexual abuse issues. The guru tells them to take their clothes off and massage their genitals. They are making them do what was done to them. But this time they willingly fly to India. Now willingly pay a person who promises to heal them to do the very thing that someone else did for free. The difference is - this time you are choosing to participate with your concent. When you read it this way - how can that be ok? Then you are told to go into the world and teach other vulnerable people who are just as damaged as you.

Let's drop the new age stupidity about what is tantra. Come together with decent people working together for health, wealth and well-being of family friends and business.

In your appointment I work with you as one complete unit to solidify your human consciousness into your current reality.

Begin by Seeing your world as it is. Followed by ensuring you adopt surprisingly simple best practices that turn your life around.

Tantric students carved with great care the steps to consciousness onto Temples in India. Some Tantric Temples that represented what is tantra really; took over one hundred and fifty years to build. They represent the principals of human life.

Tantra interpretation is a network of steps of consciousness that expands beyond the pedestrian level of living. The Temples in India - are a network of art. Temples consist of pillars with carvings and statues that display and

To Live in celebration of the four important and necessary principles of human life

  1.  the pursuit of artha (prosperity, wealth),
  2. the pursuit of kama (pleasure, sex) this means beyond the self indulgence that is temporary. The actual pleasure is a universal consciousness vibration that you can hear clients talking about. 
  3. the pursuit of dharma (virtues, ethical life) and
  4. the pursuit of moksha (release, self-knowledge).
  5. In the centre of the temple that is empty is WISDOM - the SUPREME PRINCIPAL.
  6. SACRED UNIVERSAL is the level we work with here. 
  7. THIS SUPREME ENERGY IS PRESENT EVERYWHERE and is possible for you to feel this in your first appointment.
  8. Don't settle for the minimum.

At the center of the temple, typically below and sometimes above or next to the deity, is mere hollow space with no decoration, symbolically representing Purusa, the Supreme Principle, the sacred Universal, one without form, which is present everywhere, connects everything, and is the essence of everyone. Ref Wikepedia full text enter here.

When we work with the supreme principal then the sexual pleasures are automatic within your committed relationship.

Foolishly people are indulging in hedonistic sex to get to the supreme consciousness. That is not only stupid but creates many more lifetimes of disconnect and misery. When you really take a step back you realise how ridiculous that is. You have been listening to desperate and damaged people convincing you to be just like them.

As always most people grasped onto one aspect - separated it from the entire picture.

Now it's marketed as sex techniques for deeply damaged relationships. By separating it from all of the message - the distorted system is now loose on the world as answer to all problems.

What we offer is for you. Providing you have decided that you shall not put up with another ordinary attitude like you are living within today. Providing you want to go beyond the craziness of the sex tantra that has been extracted and separated from the full spectrum of living.

Decide today that;

That life you had last week, last month, last year. How many more years or lifetimes do you want to accept as normal ordinary standard of existence.

At Tantric Living pulse we incorporate every aspect of life as Tantra intended.

It is a complete system of personal values and awareness lived in every aspect of your life. 

Your personal values provide foundation for all your divisions. Tantra is ability to know what to do when different situations arise. 

To open your eyes to real Tantra and real goddesses begin with this page. We want to ensure that you are not expecting to be blindsided by the only destination that most people end up at tantric services. Despite the lovely promises all tantra therapies provides a spiritual hand job. People - those are actions of narrow individuals who are stuck in a dogma.

For this reason we have a Powerful Goddess page here.

Tantra is about setting foundation of every  decision you base your values for your life.  It is said "you are the sum total of 5What is Tantra (five)   people you associate with".


Your values matter because your life matters.

What is Tantra Really"Removing low frequencies - who you are is much more. You are able to live a values driven/purpose driven life."

 -- TJ

It's vital that you to take this website seriously. Beginning with clear intent.

This is not based on any of tantric sex teachings that have been popularised by movies and intimate relationship services. 

None of the content or client experiences comes from the lower realms of Tantric Sex sources.

Currently everyone's emotions are at a peak.

Reality is; the world has always been in turmoil.

People's greatest challenges are at home. The next area of stress is at work. But you have become comfortable with worst levels  disregard.

People are under continued stress. Adrenalin has taken over every moment. At some point the adrenal's become exhausted. Symptoms of inability to handle stress, tiredness, low blood sugar, cravings and weakened immune system.

Relationships become inflamed or non existent. Hormones and emotions can become impaired. All this is part today's unpredictable world.

In this video are three clients speaking about their depth of awakening awareness. Their feelings are explained by respected teachers of ancient wisdom.

You are a combination of bodies of different frequencies. Often these bodies are fractured. Till they are merged anything beyond five senses does not make sense.

Next level of connection is to rest of your life.

In this video we take a client to the beach to connect on another level. 


  • Mans body is also his womb that contains his spirit. Your body lives within the womb of the earth.
  • Phallus is you. It is the pillar of energy that lands on earth and into your body. Your body is dependent on all elements of the earth. That is your womb while you live within.
  1. Womb that you came from nourished you. Now the world you live in nourished you with it's air, water, food etc.
  2. Tantra teachings were put together when you apply it from this perspective you access all joys and fulfillment of this planet.
  3. Here I bring to you the wisdom of weaving all these elements.
  4. When these elements come together; this is your ecstasy and bliss

Purpose of learning what is tantra is for;

  • Developing your ability to shift your awareness.  
  • Identify where you are stuck. 
  • So you can feel fulfilled your need to know. 
  • Know you are not bound to what appears to be real. 
  • Explore your potential of what it means to be human being on earth. 
  • Develop deeper more satisfying relationships. 

This is your life - Now lets get together and make your life reality. Begin to feel yourself living your life - today.

  • Your life does not belong to anybody else. 
  • You came to explore planet earth through your eyes. 
  • Till now you have been presented to you through other people's perceptions of where you belong.
  • We'll help you Develop - grow the courage to say yes to all your goodness, your wealth and your health that you can gather around you. 
  • Tantra is Science of your sprit and body convergence. 
  • What is Tantra is a physical reality in this lifetime. 
  • What is Tantra is not a theory or a doctrine. 
  • This takes you beyond beliefs and doctrines to self empowerment. 
  • Tantra studies show how you are bound by your habits that are result of the environment you are in. 
  • This can only be accessed with right guidance and intent.
  • With right attitude and competent guidance you can clearly see where you are stuck.
  • Clearly identify what your can do to change your relationship with life.

This occurs simultaneously. It is a simple process.

You are guided as you step into that place of one-ness. You are supported to be with yourself as connected to your life as you want to live it.

Listen to these people in the video above. They describe what it takes to move beyond the known.

Take what you enjoy and master it.

See things as they are is mastery. Do not see them better than they are or worse than they. Truth is truth feel it.

When you stay with your intent of uncovering what is tantra for you. Don't stop at what is familiar to you.

Keep searching deeper and broader.

Tantra is the opposite of worship. Tantra is about being present and completely aware of what is truth and what is illusion and of personal power that you have.

Remember most of the world is illusion. Illusion is what creates pain in relationships and within your own body. By studying tantra levels of consciousness, you begin to know truth. What is tantra is a path of self discovery. On your journey of inner exploration of what is tantra for you and what it means to have it as you constant companion is when you can see things for what they are instead of what people want you to believe.



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You took me far beyond my own resistance much further that I have been able to. I was able to let you into my space without feeling threatened or manipulated. I let go of resistance...

-- Matthew