Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Dualilty stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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What is Tantra Really. Tantra is Life.

What is Tantra Really. Tantra is the merging of physical with the spiritual. It is union of spirit/soul and body Tantra is about impeccable health of emotions, mind and body. Tantra is a system of uniting material life with spiritual life.

It's awareness and exploration of a life that works. It's about your relationship to every aspect of your life.

Here you are guided to developing dignity, clarity and What is Tantraunderstanding your challenges. Tantric teachers were wisdom teachers of strengths and tenderness. You will learn how to captivate people through your genuine openness to truth. Ability to feel truth no matter how beautiful or how evil the world is.

Receive direct transmission of energy.

You will not be swayed by people who claim that there is only the good despite world event. You will go beyond the delusion of such division.

Remove conflict and division.

When we sincerely search for meaning of what is tantra - most prominent yet most difficult answer to find is the tantra that is a path to letting go of all dilutions, separations and con flick. It's primary purpose is to reveal the illusions of the world so you can be free to see things exactly as they are. This is when we truly live.

Tantra is a Living Breathing Meditation in all actions.

Manage your thoughts, expectations, emotions and behavior influences your health, relationships, business and success in every area of you life.   To help you get clear on what the idea of weaving is meant in Tantra this video will help you on our path finder support. New meaning to  weaving and truly living. Weaving here includes physical and subtle energies in our body and the world. We are also linked beyond this physical plane. Everything is connected. We have heard about this in quantum physics and I studied that in physics and chemistry myself. These things are real, not just in text books. Why we don't hear about them is because most people cannot access them. Therefore pretending these levels of consciousness do not exist. Pretending or ignoring does not mean these elements are not affecting us. These videos will help you understand a little more before you contact us.

What is Tantra is explored through these videos.

Can brain free itself from delusion. Can we see ourselves in a better state. We can only see what we are accustomed to. To go beyond that we need some event that forces us to see things differently, much like my events in life and events in your life. 

When we truly study what is tantra, we begin to recognise truth from conditioned reality. The ultimate reality of tantra is to become true embodiment of self realization and transcendental knowledge. We begin by knowing truth from fiction due to lack of information.

This video here will help you get an insight into what we actually feel but are unaware of.


Make sure you read without comparison. Turn off every device and distraction. The mind is not good at multitasking. It thinks it is but in reality it can-not grasp anything when there are distractions. I know that tantra is marketed as way to sexual pleasure alone and the answer to all problems. But people with real issues are being damaged. Only when you have read this page and the recommended pages can you possibly compare. Until you've read this the only thing that is possible is assumption. Join me on my journey with friends and clients.

Deep down we all seek the ultimate connection. We all find a path that promises fulfillment.

I want to begin by sharing my experience with a client (who was with me for 10 years) he survived Nazi camp. Not only did this man survive it - but he escaped. He was just sixteen. He did not remain a survivor - he thrived and succeeded in living his life on his own terms. He came to fill his emptiness. At 80, he was my oldest and perhaps my fondest client. By that stage, his wife had passed on. He nursed her in the last years of her life. What he wanted was to enjoy the moment of the moment.  It was connection he was seeking. The letting go of the mind and the letting go of loneliness he experienced. His escape and survival made him a very caring and generous man. What he needed was to fill himself. This is what we did till he passed away.

It is the getting out of the head that tantra that he came for. The totality of immersing himself in all of life. The food, the meeting, the connection to spirit of earth and soul of his body and earth. Because he was coming to the end of his life, he wanted to truly know the truth about the link between this life and the other side where his wife was.

To be able to link all elements of you is when living begins.

This video introduces to you what can be reached from within you.

True tantra requests no worship, see that in this link. I know all over the world there is lingam and yoni worship; that is total opposite of Tantra. You are self empowered you do not have to learn to worship. What you do is appreciate everything for what it really is.

See things as they are is mastery. Do not see them better than they are or worse than they. Truth is truth feel it.

True Tantra is the opposite of worship. Tantra is about being present and completely aware of what is truth and what is illusion and of personal power that you have.

Remember most of the world is illusion. Illusion is what creates pain in relationships and within your own body. By studying real tantra you begin to know truth from delusion that most people live in. What is tantra really presents a way of uncovering good qualities and activities that remove you from bondage of the dogma of thinking that you need to suffer your way to liberation.

Freedom from limited Consciousness. There are many levels of consciousness. In your search of What is Tantra you'll find just one interpretation. But keep digging.

We hear about conscious lovemaking approach on the subject of What is Tantra. Limited Consciousness is the known, that is a limited and dangerous path. That is what we automatically connect to. There is no point in repeating what you already know but in a different setting. There are many layers of consciousness. It's vital not to separate them but to merge them into one.   

I want to empower my clients right from the start. When you are faced with the truth - there is no way you would believe another blatant lie. This video takes you to the truth. Now you can understand what is tantra without the old filters. Judge for yourself and discover how vulnerable we are to false information. Something this important should never be misrepresented. 

Power to you.

It is in the unknown that you moves you from you daily conscious self sabotaging behavior to the intelligence of your body/mind. These are accessed beneath the conscious sphere of the conditioned mind.

  • When you behave consciously; you are coming out of your head space.     
  • That is the conditioned mind.

  • J Krishnamurti teachings quote; "The uniqueness of man does not lie in the superficial but in complete freedom from the content of his consciousness."


  • Here we bypass the head space to access true freedom of thought.     

To help you understand what is tantra; we present actual client experiences. This is not a sex game. We want to ensure we do not degrade truth.

Restore our deep inner connection with the natural organic world within you.

You will know what is Tantra as you awaken out to your true purpose of life. Purpose gives you power to expand into all of you. You will be guided through your journey much like you would during  Ayahuasca ceremony by a Shaman. by using power of your cells. Here we do not need outside influences. You will wish to enhance your awareness to feeing life and universal energies. Explore mysteries of life as you question consciousness of your current reality through the power of awakened mind. Awaken to deepest part of your being.

In every crisis most people become overwhelmed with Anxiety.

Everything on earth has a soul and spirit that is part of us. Ancients believed in spirit of the mountain. Spirit of plants and rivers. In search for what is Tantra it's vital that we remember the deeper essences that humans have been separated from. 

Take the journey of the rhythm of life as I describe the inner resonance of the earth. Your body is ecological system just like the earth is. You too have these resonances. When you connect your soul and spirit you link to earth rhythm.

This video shares an extreme level of anxiety - while this does not apply to everyone, it's good to have an insight of the depth of despair you or your friends or loved one's mane be experiencing. 

This is not for just anybody just because you've heard tantra is the magic pill.

Tantra is a life of ultimate remembrance of who you really are. Anyone who sincerely wishes to build a deeper relationship with who you are. To set the foundation of real Tantra here is a link to Oprah website where a journalist did her own research rather than just taking on the general view. Please read it so you know most are fake and there is no spirituality in them. Here it is enter here. It's better coming from her.

Working with Disconnect Review. Insight into how Self-Empowerment session works.

The word tantra is now used in very haphazard context. Courses by the hundreds offer to set you up as tantric teacher or expert in just a few days.

Many claim to teach tantra. Most is sold as sacred sexuality. This easily targets adult workers who would otherwise struggle in competing for clients. The openly say they were in sensual arts, or escort service. Some natural therapists who struggle to get clients, in order to survive have taken up tantric sex studies. Don't be fooled by accreditation. But in your search for relief from pain and suffering, you overlook that. You give them redemption because you feel everything should be hugs and kisses. It is important to know what is tantra and the essence of true tantra.

Avoid the ignorant who themselves are acting out their sexual frustrations on their clients.

When you are seeking sexual healing; you need energies that are not in the least related to sexual energies. When the actual healing occurs, the sexual energies will be received graciously by your body consciousness. Otherwise you run the risk of desensitizing yourself while believing you are healed. Simply because you no longer feel the old feeling.

Most Tantra comes from cults. If you participate in cult like therapies you run the risk of making the same mistakes the cult followers did.

And it's not pretty. It is important the you read this article neo tantra vs tantra to get to the truth. And to ensure you do not end up in the hands of sacred sex worker. That way you will know that what offered in tantric courses is not tantra at all You will understand the temple carvings and much more. I want you empowered.

Tantra energy is teacher and spirit of life.

You'll learn how to protect yourself in life and how to get the most out of authentic tantra journey. Your life will present itself for long lasting transformation. It takes many lifetimes to become a Tantra master. This is why you rarely come across this level of body of work. Tantra is about experiencing aspects of you that you do not know rather than repeating what you have had until now.

You will see yourself in a way you have never experienced before. Beyond the limitations of human expectations. It also takes you beyond addictions of repeating past mistakes.

The biggest problem people face is disconnect from their essence. I recommend you listen to videos for what is possible for you. Healing past emotional traumas that continue to keep you unhappy deep inside by accessing conscious expansion. You'll discover what is Tantra as beyond fear of knowing who you really are. Fear of not knowing how to be in next new step fully. You will become aware of your conditioned restrictions as they fall away. Your fears are the difficult path you do not need to follow. You can let go of your wounds, sadness, pain traumas and struggles. Without any trauma of separation. This is done through embrace of what is good. A place you have never been to before.

Do you want to enjoy the life you have been born to live? Are you willing to do what it takes to know you and your life as you begin your walk the path of healing?

This video above clearly shares with you the depths of realisation you can reach. It is the capacity of realising the levels of awareness you actually have inside of you.

In your session we begin to heal your boundaries. Boundaries need to be strengthened and respected in order for you to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Higher consciousness is developing awareness in creating your own gods instead of following the God other human beings have created.

In this video in this page on sexual abuse; we remove the unnecessary programs that have been corrupted and downloaded by the people who have interfered with her life. The family like many was dysfunctional. This made her a vulnerable target. Whether you were sexually abused or just going along with the status quo, you are not living a full human and this is why you seeking tantra therapies.   In your  session we begin to heal your boundaries. Boundaries need to be strengthened and respected in order for you to allow yourself to be vulnerable.

To begin to help you understand what is Tantra for you I have a number of videos that will take you through real-life experiences.

These are normal ordinary people just like you who took the chance to feel more of themselves. They were guided to recognise the guru within them to become their own student and master. That became their own leader rather than a follower. You can only follow instructions that were handed down to you from some authority outside of you. That is the antithesis of what is tantra. 

Restorative Tantra restores connections to unified fields that humans lost thousands of years ago.

To understand what is tantra we need to understand the concept of confluence. The merging of two principals. Where you are now and the original source. Assimilating wisdom with the higher dimensions. Your lower self meets with the higher self. Like two or more streams or rivers meet to become one. This is the level of confluence we achieve with our clients. When you approach with that perspective it then becomes a possibility.

However; if one of the streams or rivers is blocked by a dam, that is left out of the merging.

This situation redefines what is tantra. In the urban or neo tantra model, the aim to bring energies into play overlooks the full spectrum of rivers of consciousness. What you are not aware of you cannot see. It's the same with the neo tantra model. Their aim in recruiting therapists and creating tantric teachers has to limit the scope of awareness necessary for confluence of all streams of consciousness. The dams need to be removed. Not by What is Tantraemotional release, but by emotional consciousness that allows the flow of energy to meet the main river. If the distance from the main river has been interrupted by physical mental or emotional events, these events will move on their own accord when the streams of consciousness are allowed to flow.

When rivers merge without conflict, this begins new levels of consciousness and cooperation.

These streams of consciousness are not readily recognised. Ultimately, when you really look at your life; what you are really seeking is new levels of integration and collaboration with the people around you. What you are really seeking is safety in your immediate environment. Knowing what to fear and what to embrace is at the very essence of what is tantra.

Any new stream of consciousness needs to be linked to current consciousness and universal flow of wisdom.

Much like a child learning to walk. the child sees adults walking, therefore it tries to walk. The child is walking as a result of learning to walk. Without learning and stumbling, there is no progress to actually walking. We do not go from crawling directly to walking without the process of adjustment on the way. Child falls, gets over it and tries a different way. On the way child discovers muscles that have never been used while crawling or learning to crawl. This is why child falls while learning. this is the confluence of integrating the crawling with the walking. You cannot discard crawling muscles in order to use walking energies and muscles. They must converge. The must become one with crawling and walking in order to progress.

This helps you understand what is tantra. It is the principals of confluence.

When you engage in goddess worship sacred sex tantra, you are separating yourself. Compartmentalising your life. You are leaving your life behind to feel good in separation. That is primitive approach. We need to access the primal force.  If you want to experience what is tantra, you need to experience new levels of self awareness.  Finding truth through self awareness that does not exclude any feelings. When you identify with a feeling by hugging it out, you are dividing it from the source.

This is the expert understanding of what is tantra energy as opposed to sacred sex. Sacred sex divides. Restorative tantra embraces.

Restorative tantra liberates you from the traumas, suffering and disappointments.
It is non linear progress, again like  from crawling to walking. You do not jump in a straight line. But in this merging it all occurs simultaneously by  loosening into creative empathic spiritual and physical reality. Integrative restorative expression of life progresses through your daily activities. This runs in the background like a well maintained computer. This is how you begin to understand what is tantra. Until your computer is debugged and useless files are removed it keeps slowing you down.  The same is essential for your life, not just the sex part. If you just clean up the junk files but not upgrade your system, junk files will continue to reappear. With proper set up, these junk files continue to be dealt with in the background. You do not need to go into cathartic experience to constantly get rid of junk files.
Healing Therapies
Release the past hurts that sabotage you. You do not need to keep hurting. Discover the repetitive patterns that take you to unfulfilling relationships.
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Don't change who you are. Change the way you are when you discover what is Tantra Really.

Listen to these people in the videos above.

They describe what it takes to move beyond the known.