Journey of embodied awareness and expanded connectivity.

Mental, Physical and Emotional is Spiritual Healing

When Duality stops, pain stops. Relationship Healing is ART of bringing your inner and outer worlds together. 


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Weaving Soul Healing - Example of weaving of soul with a body is in first video on this page. A man describes the feeling that is real and physical as well as mystical. 


Together your soul and spirit move through you and with you as one. When your human needs are met then you are more open to your spirit needs that take you and your next level of life on earth so you enjoy inexhaustible health and wealth. A life of fulfilment self empowerment, health, healing, spirituality that simultaneously that supports and empowers excellence in every area of your life. 

Example of weaving soul healing within his body listen as this man describes the feeling that is real and physical as well as deeply healing and insightful. 

The Result we aim for is for you to become free of confusion and habits that limit your life force. We bring all forces to work together like a great orchestra of finely tuned instruments and well practiced players. This makes orchestra combination of all supportive universal sounds..

In this video above, G and I are talking about what he felt ensuring what transpired comes home with him. This video gives you insight into what Soul Journey Healing feels like during the session.

  • How he could feel spirit/soul integrating with his body   
  • Feeling of being caressed by hands that aren't there.  
  • Deep feeling of love and gratitude for the spirit massaging him  
  • Spirit actually moving his body and healing his shoulder pain of 20 years.  

The secret is the coming together of Spirit Soul and Body by weaving the seen with the unseen.

Over time, pressures including social control and control by family friends and work colleagues, these begin to separate us from living our true self. This is when fragments of the soul separate or even get hijacked by other people. The people who control us or set the rules that we abide by have that part of you. Social rules are necessary, but there is more and you are permitted to seek all of you while complying with the necessary social laws. You begin to use these social laws to your advantage not be manipulated by them. In other words they are not your master they are your servant.

My function is to help you remove your limitations that prevent you from living your life unencumbered by demands of others or even your past events that continue to play in your mind.

That is the secret that is kept from you. Because when you know that and live your true self every universal law is your servant not your master. More different expressions of experiences are here.